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chocolate dulce de leche cookies: happy valentine’s day!

chocolate dulce de leche cookies 2

these cookies don’t scream valentine’s day in an obvious way. they aren’t heart-shaped, they aren’t adorned with pink sprinkles, and they certainly steer clear of the red velvet fad. but to me, these cookies are all kinds of romantic, and they’ve won over my heart for all the right reasons. Continue reading

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dulce de leche sandwich cookies

or as my boyfriend/official taste-tester calls them, dulce (de)lishy cookies. these buttery, brown sugary delights are a favorite around here for many reasons; one, the aroma these cookies give off is one of the most calming yet enticing smells to have ever blessed my kitchen; two, their consistency is perfectly chewy; and three, they’re sandwiched with pure dulce de leche! sign me up.  Continue reading

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