homemade oreos


I really do cherish the time I spend in the role of babysitter. Seeing the world through children’s eyes can make everyday experiences so much more meaningful. My boy walks up to other children on the playground without fear or hesitation and asks if they’d like to play. My girl takes out her nail polish collection and lotions and transforms her room into the most imaginative beauty salon. My boy runs outside with his net and searches tirelessly for butterflies. My girl finds a recipe for a salad that she would like to try making for her parents. They’re active and interested and they seek joy out of life. I’m learning so much about the person I want to be through the time I spend with them. Continue reading

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an adventure in strawberry picking: roasted strawberry muffins

strawberry picking

Strawberry picking has recently become one of my favorite things to do. Dylan and I made our first venture into strawberry picking last summer, right at the tail end of strawberry season. Pickings were slim, and we were lucky to fill up a single container. This year, however, we came home with three quarts filled to the brim with beautiful strawberries. Now the question is, what’s a gal to do with four pounds of strawberries? Seriously, I’m taking suggestions! Continue reading

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raspberry rolls


every once and a while, when my mom would go on her morning coffee run to the cafe across the street from our apartment, she would surprise me with a delicious raspberry cheese croissant for breakfast. mmmm, those were the greatest mornings. when i stumbled across a recipe for raspberry rolls, i decided to make them in hopes that they would in some way pay tribute to those cherished croissants of my childhood memories. spoiler alert: they totally did. i just love how a smell or a taste can so authentically transport you to another time and place. these raspberry rolls are my time machine to elementary school mornings. they’ve instantly become a new favorite, and i can’t wait to make them time and time again.

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cajeta blondies

cajeta blondie

well here they are, the blondies of my dreams. i made these last week for our cozy anniversary dinner at home. dylan originally wanted to go out to a restaurant to celebrate, but i urged him to consider the option of staying home and cooking something together instead. as much as i love the idea of going out to dinner for a special occasion, i sometimes feel it’s just as rewarding, if not more so, to celebrate by making new memories in the kitchen together. there’s something so deeply personal about cooking food with the ones you love, and then taking the time to relish in the (usually) tasty results. Continue reading

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chocolate tart with chocolate chip crust

chocolate tart

with all of the wonderful recipes available at our fingertips, i sometimes find it difficult to decide what it is that i want to bake. and really, who could blame me? there seems to be an infinite amount of ways to turn butter, sugar, and flour into something magical. however this weekend, a promising tart recipe caught my eye, and just as soon as i finished reading it, i knew i had to make it. Continue reading

playing catch up

this spring semester has been a busy one, but nonetheless exciting. my days alternate between tutoring a kindergartener and working with one and two year olds, both of which are entirely new experiences for me. i’m honestly loving most every minute of my experiences in the field. what i haven’t been so smitten with is my academic workload, and at times it gets the better of me. i let the stresses of school consume me all too much, to the point where i stop setting aside time to keep up with things i love to do, like write my blog. with six weeks or so left to the semester, i’m trying to do the best i can in school, but i’m also trying to take more walks, drink more water, have more playdates, and live more balanced.  Continue reading

chocolate dulce de leche cookies: happy valentine’s day!

chocolate dulce de leche cookies 2

these cookies don’t scream valentine’s day in an obvious way. they aren’t heart-shaped, they aren’t adorned with pink sprinkles, and they certainly steer clear of the red velvet fad. but to me, these cookies are all kinds of romantic, and they’ve won over my heart for all the right reasons. Continue reading

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a quick thought on a sunday morning

february blue sky

if you read my last post, you’d understand my state of pure joy this morning when i peered through the blinds and saw a blue sky and a bright sun outside my window. i took myself on a leisurely morning walk to soak it all in, and it’s been a wonderful day ever since. so here’s to celebrating life’s simple pleasures, like blue skies and easy sunday mornings.

cinnamon rolls


a blizzard named after a tropical fish has just left the east coast with a thick blanket of snow, and all i can think about is my intense longing for some sweet sunshine. don’t get me wrong, i love the winter, and in many ways i am a girl that was primed for the colder months. i dislike high temperatures and sunburns, and i very much like cozying up by the fireplace and comfort food. as i like to say, in the winter you can always put on more layers, but in the summer there’s only so much you can take off. but since coming back to fredonia a few weeks ago, it seems to have snowed or rained almost every day. i’ve worn out my snow boots and chunky scarves, i’ve had my fair share of runny noses and near-frostbitten fingers, and i’m ready for a glimpse of a clear blue sky and some sunshine. Continue reading


sticky date mini bundt cakes


it may be considered a bit late to talk resolutions, but in this case, better late than never! to be honest, i’m not sure i believe in restricting oneself to new year’s resolutions. as long as we’re all actively growing into the best versions of ourselves, it shouldn’t matter what time of year one chooses to resolve to grow as a person. one of my resolutions for 2013 and for years to follow is to dive deeper into my food blogging. i’m hoping you will all hold me to it! i’m looking forward to expanding my experience with baking and cooking, learning more about food photography, and just being an overall more adventurous person in the kitchen! these sticky date mini bundt cakes are such a special treat, and they’ve completely won over my mother’s heart. Continue reading

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