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chocolate truffle cookies

chocolate truffle cookies

As much as I’d like to gracefully sidestep any acknowledgement of the fact that I’ve neglected my blog for so many months, I simply can’t do so without feeling like I’m ignoring an outstandingly large elephant in the room. So there, I’ve acknowledged it, and with that I’ve forgiven myself for my careless neglect of my corner of the blogosphere. Phew, glad we got that out of the way!

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playing catch up

this spring semester has been a busy one, but nonetheless exciting. my days alternate between tutoring a kindergartener and working with one and two year olds, both of which are entirely new experiences for me. i’m honestly loving most every minute of my experiences in the field. what i haven’t been so smitten with is my academic workload, and at times it gets the better of me. i let the stresses of school consume me all too much, to the point where i stop setting aside time to keep up with things i love to do, like write my blog. with six weeks or so left to the semester, i’m trying to do the best i can in school, but i’m also trying to take more walks, drink more water, have more playdates, and live more balanced.  Continue reading

a quick thought on a sunday morning

february blue sky

if you read my last post, you’d understand my state of pure joy this morning when i peered through the blinds and saw a blue sky and a bright sun outside my window. i took myself on a leisurely morning walk to soak it all in, and it’s been a wonderful day ever since. so here’s to celebrating life’s simple pleasures, like blue skies and easy sunday mornings.

Some Exciting News!

Hi all! I feel the need to apologize for being absent from the blog for longer than I’d planned. But today, in lieu of a recipe, I’ve decided to take a moment to share some exciting news with you. I’ve been spending the past few weeks training to take over the position of head editor at Best Friends For Frosting!

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hello world!

hello world! my name is meghan and these are my first baby steps into the world of blogging. i created luckybakes to share my adventures in the kitchen and the way they shape my everyday life. i am an elementary education student by day, and a baker/do-it-yourselfer/daydreamer by night. thank you for stopping by!