goodbye, summer

dimitri imagine

Although the steady chill in the air might lead you to believe otherwise, the calendar says that summer is only just coming to a close. Summer might have taken me away from the keys of my computer and thus, away from the blog, but summer also brought me to new places and introduced me to new faces and gave me new memories that I will forever cherish. This post is a glimpse at some of the highlights of my summer, my way of closing the chapter on this unwinding season. 


I got my first DSLR camera! This was a generous birthday gift from my parents, and it will allow me to take much better food & life pictures for my blog! I’m slowly experimenting my way through the many photography settings, that way it’s not too overwhelming. And speaking of birthdays…


I turned 21! I celebrated by inviting a few friends over for a Chipotle-style burrito dinner with all the fixings, followed by strawberry shortcake, and a piñata in the shape of a cupcake! (You can see the remnants of the piñata in the upper righthand corner of the above photo). I know most people wouldn’t exactly consider a piñata as fitting with a 21st birthday celebration, but I consider it a symbolic representation of the inner child I never wish to outgrow. Plus, who doesn’t like candy?!


Dylan and I, along with our best friends Nick and Monica, took our first trip to a vineyard. It was there that I had the best baguette of my life! Oh, and took a few sips of some local wine. But gosh, that bread! My memories of that bread make me want to try making a rustic loaf in my own kitchen. Hopefully you’ll see that on the blog soon. Getting back to the picture though, I love my friends from home so much. I’m so thankful that we’ve all taken care to preserve our friendships and watch them continue to grow since graduation.


I took part in the religious experience that is seeing Beyonce live in concert. The whole night reminded me how much I love music and performing, which was something that I desperately needed to be reminded of. Monica and I went to the concert together, and spent the hours beforehand moseying around Brooklyn. We went to one of my all-time favorite bakeries, Baked in Red Hook, and then spent some time soaking up the amazing views in Dumbo.

lifeguard stand

Gosh, I took a lot of pictures of these guys. S and D both expressed a lot of interest in planning and shooting pictures, so we took the camera on a lot of our adventures. The summer saw us at the park, the bay, the ocean, the animal rescue, the sushi restaurant with the big fish tank, the skate park… And we got it all on camera.

puppy love

My cousins visited with the newest addition to their home, Daisy the Puggle! Daisy is an absolute bundle of energy, but when she gets sleepy, she makes the best cuddle buddy. She also loves to give kisses, as you can see. Spending time with Daisy made me want a puppy of my own. Ah, someday…

montauk sunrise

And lastly, I made it in time to catch the sunrise at the cliffs. I’ll let this photo speak for itself.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer, and are ready to welcome in chilly mornings, changing leaves, and all things pumpkin. See you soon with more baking and stories.


3 thoughts on “goodbye, summer

  1. Marian says:

    Love that you have a fancy dancy camera to take lots of photos, lots of “sweet memories” captured. love all the photos, what a great summer you had!
    xo xo

  2. Nancy says:

    Wonderful Photo’s!!! Look forward to you Fall Photo’s with you new camera! Fall my absolute favorite time of the year!!!! Big Hug!!

  3. JoJo says:

    Never…and I do emphasize..NEVER…outgrow your inner child…It’s what makes us question, explore, laugh and play….

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