playing catch up

this spring semester has been a busy one, but nonetheless exciting. my days alternate between tutoring a kindergartener and working with one and two year olds, both of which are entirely new experiences for me. i’m honestly loving most every minute of my experiences in the field. what i haven’t been so smitten with is my academic workload, and at times it gets the better of me. i let the stresses of school consume me all too much, to the point where i stop setting aside time to keep up with things i love to do, like write my blog. with six weeks or so left to the semester, i’m trying to do the best i can in school, but i’m also trying to take more walks, drink more water, have more playdates, and live more balanced. here’s a collection of some things i’ve baked over the semester but haven’t gotten to write about. i figure rather than playing catch up with a post for each individual treat, it would be nice to share some snapshots from the past few months of dessert and then start fresh. hope you enjoy!






greek yogurt pancakes

from top to bottom: milk chocolate cookies // white chocolate brownies // black bottom cupcakes // greek yogurt swirl brownies // baked chocolate donuts with bailey’s glaze // green velvet cupcakes with bailey’s cream cheese frosting // greek yogurt pancakes

if you’d like any of the recipes, please feel free to leave a comment and i will happily email them to you!


9 thoughts on “playing catch up

  1. Marian says:

    Oh my……….pure sweetness!! I must have ever recipe from top to bottom!! just deliciousness!! yummo

  2. Nancy says:

    um ummmmmmmmmmmmm good!!! You sure did catch up!!

  3. rayshine says:

    the white chocolate brownie recipe, pleeeease!

  4. Abby says:

    Luck me………to have such a great baker living at home during the summer. Can’t wait to taste all those yummy treats! XO

  5. crystal says:

    Please can I have the white chocolate brownie recipe its what ive been looking for

  6. Laura says:

    Black bottom cupcakes look amazing! Can i have The recipe?

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